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List with ALL (?) Volvo 164's in the world


From 1968 to 1975 at least 153179 164's were produced.
At least? There where a few "tryout" and "experimential" cars made before the regular production started.
We know about some of those but maybe not all....

Where are all those cars now?

Below you'll find links to every Volvo 164 that we know about.
One page for each model year to keep down the size for each page just a little bit. These pages will be HUGE anyway..... (About 2 MB each)
How many cars there are right now on the lists? About 9800 cars in December 2014 ! And about 1500 of those with pictures...
With your help the list will continue to grow!!

For those who just want to look at 164 pictures we have made other pages with pictures only.
One page for each model year. In the end of each page different 164s that we haven´t been able to get chassis number on.
Also one page with all the 164s with unsure model year.

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s in chassis number order
Just pictures

List with 164s that has errors in the information we have
Pictures of "the others"

The lists are arranged by chassis number. Each 164 has a unique chassis number, see this page for more information!
In the list you'll find the following:
  1. Chassis number
  2. Type number
  3. the color/interior code
  4. Last known registration number
  5. "X" indicates that the car has been crushed (Probably many more crushed than we know about....)
  6. First registration date (YYMMDD)
  7. Some Volvo code in the Swedish car register that we haven't been able to figure out yet...
  8. Engine size in kW
  9. The country that the car is registrated in
  10. Any former registration number (Swedish unless nothing else is written)
  11. Any other notes about the car (changed engine, converted into a "165" and so on)
  12. Link to a page with pictures and, in some cases, more information

Unknown codes are replaced by "xxx".
Unknown registration number is replaced by "??".
If no country is specified, the registration number is Swedish. Otherwise the country is specified.

An example:
103571, 4561A, 117/967, BC12345, X, 731127, VO000954, 118, Norway, AMK788, 162, 103571.html

Due to Swedish laws we are not allowed to even mention the owners name if he or she hasn't given us permission to do it.
That's why there is no information about owners on most of the cars......
We had information about ownership of most Swedish cars but had to erase all that before putting the list on Internet!

We need LOTS of information from all you Volvo 164 lovers around the world to get this list to rock!
Look in all your old car papers and see if you can find something that belongs on this list!
And if you want us to make a special page about just your car, tell us about it !
If you want to send us a picture, make it a JPG.
Also, PLEASE name the file something other than VOLVO.JPG!
It makes it hard to find the correct file.....
Name it with the chassis number of the car to be sure that we will not misplace the picture!!!

Get your car on the list !!

Be sure to include the chassis number, the type code, the color code, the interior code and any other information you want on the list.
Also - if you know of any 164s that have been crushed, junked or parted out - please let us know.

Just send us an e-mail

Some 140's also....

When working with all this we got info about all Swedish 140's "as a bonus". Was going to delete them....
BUT, since they also are very nice cars we just couldn't throw all that information away! ;-)
So here are the lists with all Swedish 140's! But if you thought the 164 lists where huge, beware of these! They will take time to download even with a fast connection.
Right click and "save target as". Then you can have your own copy to study.
We will NOT update the 140 lists in any way or ad any cars. Hard enough to find time to manage the 164 list.
Hope that some of you will enjoy them anyway!

142's (42 Mb)

144's (13 Mb)

145's (12 Mb)

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